To be nominated for this award, a candidate must meet the following criteria:

a.  Residency.  Nominee's accomplishment(s) to have been attained while residing and/or participating in Washington County, MD.

b.  Area of Contribution.  Nominee's accomplishment(s) to have been in any field of athletics and/or sports, or any related field pertaining to athletics and/or sports including but not limited to participant, official, media, coach, booster.

c. Nominations.  Anyone may submit another person's name and qualifications for consideration by the selection committee, along with a picture of the nominee (black and white picture preferred).

Those who have made nominations to the committee will be interested to know that all nominees' names continue under consideration for three (3) years including the initial year of the nomination, after such time, the name is removed from the list until after another nomination is received.

All nominations to the Sports Hall of Fame are to be submitted on this official nomination form with complete information as requested.  To be eligible for consideration by the Sports Hall of Fame Committee, nominations must be received no later than December 31, 2016.

CANDIDATE NAME:  ___________________________________________________________


Reason(s) for nomination (please use reverse side if necessary)





SIGNATURE OF PERSON NOMINATING CANDIDATE: _________________________ PHONE: ___________________

ADDRESS: ________________________________________________